Solutions for dewatering or soil stabilization.


Whenever or wherever a dewatering or soil stabilization problem occur, these engeneering services are offered to the Consulting Engineering or the Owner in the three general phases :

  • During project design stages;
    soils data, supplied by Consulting Engineers, will be reviewed and recommendations for the selection of the preferable dewatering system will be offered.
  • During the pre-bid time;
    dewatering system design and associated costs estimating are offered to the bidding contractors.
  • During project construction;
    close liaison with the job site is maintained to monitor the planned dewatering program and to provide immediate assistance and solution for unexpected problems that might occur.


Under this type of service, based on the known soil conditions, GART - Dewatering will propose and execute a groundwater control system or dewatering system, which will work, at a fixed predetermined price.


GART - Dewatering offers to its clients on a rental basis, a large inventory of dewatering and pumping equipment. This equipment in continually maintained in a like-new condition. This range of equipment includes; conventional and multi-stage well points systems whit complementing pumps to capacities over 2 000 GMP., vacuum-well systems, ejector systems, well screens and casing with a complete selection of well accessories, electrical submersible turbine pumps, jetting systems, suction hoses, low-pressure discharge and high Ðpressure jet hoses, pipe, fittings and couplings. Most of the pumps are available with either electric motor or diesel engine drive.

GART - Dewatering fabricate its own dewatering equipment. The well point system is made with heavy grade PVC with quick coupling assembly. The deep well and ejector well systems are custom designed and fabricated for each particular project.

GART - Dewatering has in its warehouse the equipment to meet any dewatering problem and any size of jobs.


A successful dewatering system is far more than the sum of its component parts. Incorrectly assembled or improperly installed systems are very expensive and sometimes produce chaotic results. As a complement ti its high quality equipment and engeneering services, experienced GART - Dewatering field technicians are available to assist the client. These technicians, thoroughly trained in various methods of dewatering and related construction techniques, can assure the client of correct equipment assembly, proper installation, operation and maintenance of his dewatering system. These GART - Dewatering field technician services are normally available on a per diem basis.

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